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I guess I'm kidnapped. There's roaches in my cell and I'm cold. And the guard smacked me in the head before locking me in and now I think my right ear is bleeding.

Oh well.

I feel bad for yelling at Faramir although he fucking deserved it that stupid and deaf motherfucking bastard. My left hand has gone numb and the stump where my index finger used to be is starting to smell funny. Ooooh I bet infection is next and then my entire hand will have to be amputated, that is, if I'm not killed before then. I wonder if I'm going to die before or after the parade that fucking Faramir was so looking forward to that fucking bastard sadkjasdlsa. I'd shoot myself in the groin again rather than see him harmed destroyed like Tindomiel was sakjaslkdjaslkdjashoeia. I love him, okay? I have the names of both my best friends scarred on my arms now, okay?

It just occured to me that I haven't climbed a tree in so long. I mean, really climbed a tree and crawling up the branches skywards. Oh well. Everybody, I'm sorry about what happened and since death is so temporary it doesn't really matter. But then you wonder if it's even worth coming back for, all of this.

Ow my ear.
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